Camden Town Brewery is hosting an Instagram-based pub quiz this weekend, hosted by comedian Josh Weller, and the brewery is opening a virtual bar to open to fans in Camden Town.
The Virtual Pub Quiz is a classic general knowledge test, the answers to which will be posted on the brewery’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram the next day. The quiz takes place at the Camden Town Brewery, where Josh Weller hosts the regular Sunday Night Music Quizz live, for those who want to try to repeat or erase the memory of the success of the Camden Town quiz. While the kind of questions I expect – to flaunt your general knowledge as if it were a chance to win a beer – might lead you down this path, there are also the kind of questions I expect, for example, the ability to flaunt your “general knowledge” when you can, and the possibility of winning.
The paid quiz, which costs $6 (PS5, AU $10) per entry, is hosted by former Stranglers frontman Paul Roberts and is a general knowledge issue that promises good vibes and healthy competition. In order to satisfy those who demand more expert rounds, a pre-recorded quiz will also be published on the YouTube channel.
Organised by London event company Indytute, it will take place on Saturday 7th October and will have a total capacity of 1,000 to 2,500 people. It will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel hosted by former Stranglers frontman Paul Roberts and his team, so you can participate on any platform you prefer. It feels like a proper pub quiz, although the quality of the music, atmosphere and general atmosphere of a decent pub party are hard to beat.
There are no prizes, but you’ll still get a warm bonus if you’ve guessed the song Mick sings. It’s a self-labeled quiz, so you can take part, although many ask for a small donation, which means you get the “warm glow” bonus by creating an accompanying quiz tip for everyone. There are prizes and we couldn’t help but mention the new YouTube channel Paul Roberts and the Stranglers, which will debut on Facebook and YouTube on April 9.
Grab a pen and paper, go to the link below and find out what the answer is almost certainly. You need to register to participate, so keep an eye on BrewDog’s Twitter and Instagram accounts when you open them.
If you’re looking for a simple live quiz to take with your family or roommates, midland-based events have a popular weekly edition on Facebook Live. You mark your own answer sheet and are the overall winner of a prize, but what you get is to be able to raise a significant sum for the British NHS.
If your preferred digital home is Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, we’ve collated all the obscure knowledge you want to show while quarantining your friends in the same room. There’s not much to do at home at the moment, but if there’s one thing Doom Eternal can’t offer you, it’s the ability to just call it a zoom house party.
With virtual trivia popping up all over the country, we’ve put together five online pub quizzes to help you flex your brain muscles and communicate with a few nerdy like-minded people. Whether you fancy a nightly quiz or find it hard to agree on a date that suits everyone at Les Quizerables, you can get the best of virtual quiz and pub quiz in one place. Better still, pick a single day of the week to do the quiz together and you’re off to the races.
Just as in real life, virtual trivials are about building a sense of community and getting a few laughs, just as in real life.
The moderator reads the question first, repeats it once, then reads out the answer and then repeats it, reading it over and over again.
The quizmaster then runs five rounds of five questions in a Facebook Live video, and each team is asked to keep an eye on the scores, get a correct answer and add up the total. There is also a prize for the best team name and the winner gets bragging rights.
The Salt Hill pub, which opened in 2010 in a courtyard complex on Lebanon Street, was the first of several pubs run by Joe and his wife Joanne and their two sons Joe Jr. and Joe III. Bebe drinks as he plays the in-house pub trivia quiz while facing the wrath of Covid.
The restaurant in Hanover was on shaky ground before deciding not to renew its lease with Dartmouth College last year. The Dartmouth real estate office cancelled the commercial lease in Hanover because non-essential shops had to close.